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Sea Lark Sales, LLC, features Nauticraft's line sleek and stylish-pollution free boats. There are human powered and electric models available.
The Escapade is designed for one pedaler with space for one or two passengers and gear. Cutting-edge design sets this remarkable boat apart from its competition and efficient marine engineering provides an unusually enjoyable pedal boating experience -- one that must be experienced to be believed.

Encore’s model line has been expanded to add electric power. The generous size and configuration of the Encore hull retains the convenience of a four-person boat, yet permits the adaptation of battery-electric power for a variety of model combinations. The electric motor drives are time proven trolling rigs used by the recreational fishing industry. The operation of the motor requires a 12-volt deep cycle marine battery, which is readily available from local marine supply stores. All versions come with their own on-board charger for simple 120-volt plug-in battery regeneration. All Encore models now have a single steering location on the starboard side.

ENCORE P - Pedal
The original pedal driven Encore is now known as Encore P.

ENCORE P/E - Pedal/Electric
Retaining the pedal drive system of the Encore P, this model features a 52 pound thrust electric drive for supplemental power. As mentioned above, the motor with its direct mounted propeller is located down between the Encore’s keels. The necessary electrical support components, including the single 12-volt battery, are hidden away in the Encore’s front storage compartment. A compact box controller with forward-reverse switch and twist-knob speed control is conveniently positioned next to the steering control.

ENCORE E - Electric
This model converts the Encore to a true all electric boat. The elimination of the pedal drive system gives a spacious interior for comfortable luxurious cruising. The powerful 52-pound thrust underwater motor is mounted in the same position as the motor on the Encore P/E. Power is provided by a 12-volt, deep cycle marine battery. The battery, converter and battery charger are located in the Encore’s front storage compartment. Like the Encore P/E, the speed controller is located next to the steering control. There is also a battery meter, which is the equivalent of a fuel gauge in a car.

The Sprite is a one-person runabout perfect for either playing games, frolicking in the sun, or maybe just a quick trip across the lake. It is quick and nimble, with instant handling and turn-on-a-dime steering.


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